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The Brand

We believe in making people smile

Urban Proof is the brand that is known for its bicycle accessories. The cohesion in the selection stems from the common goal to make you smile. We want to make people happy by offering beautiful products with high quality for a good price.

What makes us different from others? For us, good design not only means that a product looks good, but it must be really good. Longevity is just as important to us as our designs, so quality materials are always the base of everything we make.

More than just making appealing products

We are aware that as a brand we can do more than just make good-looking products. This gave us the idea to develop a new collection of recycled materials. In our bicycle accessory line we have created a sustainable collection for the conscious consumer. A combination of recycled materials, current colors and a dose of love.

A lot of time has passed from the idea of working with recycled material to the moment that the first products are in the store. A beautiful process full of research, product development, energy and passion, which has led to our sustainable collections. Which materials are recyclable? Which of these materials are also suitable for the Dutch weather and can withstand a rain shower and the sun? It was an interesting quest. Developing products from recycled material makes the entire process longer and more complicated. We can proudly say that we finally succeeded: we have sustainable bicycle crates that are made from recycled PP (Polypropylene) and a sustainable bicycle accessory collection where we use a fabric made from RPET (recycled Polyethylene).


To give our recycled bicycle accessory collection more impact, we entered a cooperation with LOVE. NOT WASTE. This is a Dutch non-profit organization that organizes local beach clean-ups. The purpose of LOVE. NOT WASTE. is to raise awareness and positively motivate people to make our planet cleaner. A very valuable initiative that we support by donating 5% of the prfit of the URBAN PROOF RECYCLED collection to LOVE. NOT WASTE. With this money they can organize more clean-up campaigns on the Dutch beaches. More information about Love. Not Waste. can be found at www.lovenotwaste.com

The History

Who’s behind the brand URBAN PROOF?

URBAN PROOF is born out of a cooperation between Dutch Perfect, a yearlong specialist in the development of bicycle tyres, and U+ Creative Concepts, a young concept-development company with a love for bikes. Together, they saw the huge potential for a new bike accessories label in a market where there are only a few competitors that are truly unique and distinctive for a good price.

Dutch Perfect

Dutch Perfect specializes in the development and trade of bicycle tyres and related products. The company was founded in 1986 by Mr. Hunneman. After having yet another flat tyre, he started to pioneer in finding anti-leakage possibilities for bicycle tyres. Meanwhile, the company has become a major player in the market, both nationally and internationally.

U+ Creative Concepts

U+ Creative Concepts is a concept-development company with a background in retail. They know the market, see which trends are important, on which trends you should act as a producing retailer and translate this to a tangible product. On a project base, the company helps their customers with the development of new or renewed assortment and retail concepts, on all levels of the process (styling, assortment strategy, price strategy, packagings etc.)